What’s My Game?

Here are the answers for our daily Instagram and Twitter posts of What’s My Game? WMG is a daily post where I photograph a close-up of a game box cover. I try to convey some information but not too much in order to see how well you know your board game art. The first WMG was May 28th, 2019 (The first day of Summer break!). The goal is to post every day until May 28th, 2020 At that point I’ll see where we are with that and decide what to do next.

Monday, February 10th

Mutant Meeples

Tuesday, February 11th

Bidder Up!

Wednesday, February 12th

The Grasshopper and the Ant

Thursday, February 13th

Flick ’em Up!

Friday, February 14th

Sushi Go!

Saturday, February 15th

Monster Crunch!

Sunday, February 16th

Animal Upon Animal