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Worlds of Fun Together

When we started Booker’s Board Games LLC back in 2010/11 coming up with a logo wasn’t too hard. We knew we wanted a family friendly image. That’s how Booker T. Bear came in. He was a bear stuffy in my classroom that students loved. So, I went for cute and family friendly when I created the Booker logo. Coming up with a tagline was a little tougher. When I came up with, “Worlds of Fun Together” it seem to nail what we wanted BBG to be. I attempted to create other images to go with that. But this I created is the closest I’ve come to what I envisioned it should be.

I use Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for most of my cg work. For this, I created the bear meeple with a wood texture fill. I wanted transparent colors. For the earth, I knew NASA has free downloadable rectangle images of earth. The font for the tagline I wanted friendly, a little loose, but still clean looking typeface. Anyway, I like board games and creating stuff with computer graphics.