About Booker’s Board Games LLC

We love board games; Valerie, Steve, and Booker. Valerie teaches high school math and loves board games for the social benefits. Steve teaches computer science and loves board games for the mental workout. Booker is a…well…a bear that loves board games for the social benefits and mental workout. It also keeps Booker from getting bored especially during the Winter months when he can’t sleep.

About Booker T. Bear

I thought it’d be a good idea to let you know who Booker T. Bear is. After all our business bears his name. Booker started out as a big bear puppet for my students to read with. When I brought him in to class for the first time my first grade students wanted to know the bear’s name. I told them Booker T. Bear. “What’s the T stand for?”, they asked. “The”, I said. As the years have passed I’ve added to Booker’s story. Partly because students wanted to know more about him and partly because it was fun to make him a more real character. So, Booker loves to read especially during winter. He also loves to play board games as he found out it was a great way to make friends and have fun at the same time. Booker lives somewhere in the Meeple Mountain range with his mom and sister. Who knows what we’ll learn next about Booker?

We decided to use Booker to represent Booker’s Board Games LLC because we wanted a family friendly image. I purposefully designed a cute image of Booker because many board game related sites had knights, dragons, and other serious looking things. We want to project board games as an approachable activity for everyone especially for family and friends. This also leads us to our tagline.

Our tagline is, “Worlds of Fun Together”. Why? Well, many modern board games are designed by people from all over the world and it’s a great way for people to have fun together; for people to get to know each other better in a fun environment.