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Card game for 2-5 players that takes about 20 minutes to play.

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The time has come for the penguins of Antarctica to branch out. The ice caps on which they’ve made their homes are melting away, and they’re looking to you to bring them to new lands. Because penguins are the most powerful of all the animals–or at least they think so–they promise to reward the person who helps them claim the most land with the coveted title of Master of the World, and it could be you!

You will have eight rounds to recruit and assign your penguin troops. At the beginning of each turn, you will draw two cards, recruiting penguins to your cause. You must then choose two cards from your hand to stay with your recruits and then send one each to the opponents on either side of you. In this process, you may be forced to choose which areas or which troops are the most important to you. Your opponent will be able to use the Master of the World points or special abilities of any penguins you send their way, so choose carefully!

Once you have traded cards, you must then choose from your recruits which penguins you want to send out to conquer faraway lands and which to keep nearby. Your troops will specialize in one of five Strategic Zones: deserts, cities, jungles, the moon, or right there at home on the ice caps. At the end of the game, deployed penguins who have conquered an area will determine which nearby penguins give you Master of the World points, so balancing these troops is key.

Having a strategy early on will help you conquer the most areas in the game, but someone may throw a wrench in your plans, or you may choose to mess up theirs. Four of the troops from each region are trained in special operations, allowing you to complicate things for your opponents or better plan your own moves. The Ninja Twins allow you to play two cards instead of just one, and the Kamikaze will eliminate all cards played that turn with more than seven points. The Spotter is an exceptional tool for the forward-thinkers of the game, allowing them to play after everyone else during the next turn.

Once all eight rounds are over, everyone will score their points. First, they will determine who has the majority of the points in each region. If you have the majority in a Strategic Zone, you will then receive points for any cards left in your hand who specialize in that area. The player who has the most verified points in their hand after totaling all Strategic Zones wins the game and becomes Master of the World!

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