Happy Salmon 3-6 players

Happy Salmon: Fin Flipping Family Fun

    Looking for some interactive indoor fun for your family? Then Happy Salmon could be just the game for you. Happy Salmon is a card game for 3-6 people. Takes about 2 minutes to explain and 2-5 minutes to play. Adults and children are on equal footing when playing. While the tag on the […]

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New York 1901: “The Age of Mansions in the Sky”

    The gangplank rises slightly off the pier caused by the gentle motion of the ship. I pause for only a few seconds before taking that first step to a new life. An image of that well worn gangplank stays with me still. It makes me realize I’m just one of many that have […]

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Letter Tycoon: Building an Alphabet Empire

    Letter Tycoon is a word game where your goal is to form words using the cards in your hand as well as 3 community cards. The longer the better. You earn money and stocks from the words you build. Money you earn allows you to buy letter patents. Owning the patent for a […]

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Animals on Board: Load your arc-beware of Noah

    So, I have this neighbor named Noah. Interesting fella. Flowing white beard wearing a robe that flows like his beard. Lots of kids too. I think I know how his beard became prematurely white. He claims to have inside information on the weather. Recently I’ve noticed more and more piles of lumber being […]

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Karuba published by Haba designed by Rudiger Dorn

Karuba and the Quest for Fortune and Glory

    Even the whiff of fortune and glory lures people out of nowhere. Inhaling deeply the only thing I get a whiff of is the salty air. Lifting a box of supplies from the boat then walking it to camp is a workout in itself. Bending over I set the box down. One corner […]

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