Dingo’s Dream

Number of Players: 


Playing Time:

15-30 minutes

For Ages:

Box says 12+

We think 8+ maybe even younger than that

Thematic Intro:

Dingo and his friends have gotten lost on Walkabout! Visit their dreams to lead them home!


Each player competes to be the first to successfully guide his animal through the dream world. Be first to have your grid of animal tiles match the Dream Card.

How You Do That:

Players set up a 5×5 grid of their Dreamscape tiles, animal side down, keeping the tile with the animal name to the side of the 5×5 grid. Players will turn over the tile that matches the Walkabout card drawn from the top of the deck. Players then take their tile that is outside their 5×5 grid and slide it into a row or column. This will push a tile from the other side of that row or column. All of this is done in order to get their Dreamscape tiles animal side up to match the pattern on the Dream Card.



Game End:

The game ends when the first player gets their Dreamscape (5×5 grid) to match the Dreamcard. Ties are ‘friendly’ and each tied player is awarded a point. How many points you play to is agreed to be fore the game starts.


Closing Thoughts:

a. 3 things we liked most-1. Easy to learn. 2. Depth of choices to make. 3. Replayability

b.  Habits of Mind applications? Dingo’s Dreams helps players with the  thinking flexibly and creating, imagining, and innovating.

c. Good as a Gateway Game? This is a very good game for people no matter what their experience level is. Experienced gamers can enjoy the depth of the game while players with less experience can easily pick up how to play. There is a puzzle like feel to this so people who like puzzle type acitvities should try Dingo’s Dreams too.

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