Booker’s Board Games LLC

Booker's Board Games LLC

Booker’s Board Games LLC

We are Booker’s Board Games LLC a family oriented board game business. I created the logo myself. We wanted to start a board game business for many reasons. One of the main reasons is, if we were going to run our own business, it better be something we really like. We knew right away we wanted our focus to be on families and friends playing board games together. We knew right away we did not want to have an image like many board games businesses. No dark dragons etc. We knew we wanted a light, open, inviting image. Our thinking is that serious and very experienced gamers would be okay with such an image if it meant they had a place to play and we offered fair prices. We figure families were more likely to be attracted to our ‘cute’ image than a serious looking dragon and equally serious looking knight.
Teaching elementary aged kiddos gave me a good idea how to create the image we wanted. Booker T. Bear has been a class room mascot that students read with during silent reading time. So Booker was drawn based on a sketch from my sketch book (inspired by Christopher Hart cartooning books). We knew our store would have a wooden floor and some wooden shelving. Hence the wood grain texture in our logo. Green goes well with wood so…
Maybe now you can guess where the name comes from. Students wanted to know the name of the stuffed bear puppet. He was named Booker because the bear likes to read. So Booker became Booker T. Bear (apparently he needed a full name). After that the bear puppet took on a life of his own. I wrote a (still evolving) bio on Booker. So Booker T. Bear not only loves to read he loves to play board games too. By the way the ‘T’ in Booker’s name stands for The.

One last thing. We are also starting BBG because the area we live in is vastly under served when it comes to fair prices and good choices of board games. There is almost no way to try the games before you buy. Also, our experience every time we have hosted game days/nights has shown people really have fun and did not know that many of the games we bring even existed. This tells us there is a need. We believe that board games are a great way to bring people together. Board games are a great way to learn more about each other. Most of all board games do all of this while we are having fun.



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