Happy Salmon

Happy Salmon: Fin Flipping Family Fun



Looking for some interactive indoor fun for your family? Then Happy Salmon could be just the game for you. Happy Salmon is a card game for 3-6 people. Takes about 2 minutes to explain and 2-5 minutes to play. Adults and children are on equal footing when playing. While the tag on the game says for 6 years old and up I’d say a 5 year old could play this too. When playing Happy Salmon you must be standing and, while playing the standard version, it can get quite loud. There is also a quiet version to try out that others have said is just as, or more, fun. Happy Salmon comes in a cute fish shaped pouch. Happy Salmon is published by North Star Games with Ken Gruhl and Quentin Weir getting design credit.

It’s been a hit for us at school family game nights or our personal game nights. This is a great for families with kids and want a game where kids have as good a chance at winning as mom and dad.



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