It’s worth it. Sitting in a building so over air conditioned that I’ve come to call my work space the “icecubicle”. I step out onto the concrete sidewalk on a sun drenched early summer day where the temperature is in the low 90s by near noon. I’m almost to the crosswalk as I walk along […]

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New York 1901: “The Age of Mansions in the Sky”

    The gangplank rises slightly off the pier caused by the gentle motion of the ship. I pause for only a few seconds before taking that first step to a new life. An image of that well worn gangplank stays with me still. It makes me realize I’m just one of many that have […]

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Letter Tycoon

Letter Tycoon: Building an Alphabet Empire

    Letter Tycoon is a word game where your goal is to form words using the cards in your hand as well as 3 community cards. The longer the better. You earn money and stocks from the words you build. Money you earn allows you to buy letter patents. Owning the patent for a […]

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Animals on Board: Load your arc-beware of Noah

    So, I have this neighbor named Noah. Interesting fella. Flowing white beard wearing a robe that flows like his beard. Lots of kids too. I think I know how his beard became prematurely white. He claims to have inside information on the weather. Recently I’ve noticed more and more piles of lumber being […]

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Karuba published by Haba designed by Rudiger Dorn

Karuba and the Quest for Fortune and Glory

    Even just a whiff of fortune and glory is enough to lure people out of nowhere. Inhaling deeply the only thing I get a whiff of is the salty air. Lifting a box of supplies from the boat then walking it to camp is a workout in itself. Bending over I set the […]

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Pups and the dog-eat-dog competition

          Pulling a seat away from the table and then sitting I do not feel nervous at all. Which is odd since it’s human nature to feel some tension before a competition begins. I’ve been here before. ¬†Glancing slightly up and to the left I notice the alpha suit for the […]

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